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Summer coming back for start of Autumn

sunshine and apples

High pressure will be building through the country this week - Which is the first official week of Autumn - Returning summer or at least summer-like conditions.

For Monday we've got a band of cloud and patchy rain moving across England and Wales. Brighter skies will follow from the north with many places ending the day on a bright or sunny note. Temperatures reaching 22c (72f) in the best of the sunshine today. Tonight will be dry and mild in the south, but chilly in the north. Tuesday should have good bright or sunny spells and be universally dry across the country. Temps reaching a very warm 23c (73f) in the south.

The rest of the week will see high pressure dominating. Wednesday to Friday should be dry with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Becoming locally hot in the south by Friday with temperatures reaching 26c (79f). The weekend sees the high pressure persist, but it will probably turn cooler and a fresher air-mass moves around the high pressure - Temperatures dropping closer to average at around 15-20c, but still very pleasant.

Gavin Partridge. 1/9/14. 8:40

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Gavin's Thoughts (30/8/14)

Latest Flash (30/8/14)

Terry Scholey Aug-Sep Forecast

As has been well publicized we've just had the coolest August since 1993, after a hitherto very warm first seven months of 2014. We now reach a critical juncture.

Either we continue with a cooling trend through the new month - September - Or we revert back to the warmth of earlier months as August proves to be a "one off"...

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By the time we go through to day ten - Tuesday 9th September we see the high pressure move's north and is now sitting as a blocking feature to the north Scotland, ridging back through Iceland and into the Arctic.

Much cooler air would be starting to move down from the north around the high pressure with temperature's probably dropping into the low to mid-teens for most of us. Night's could be turning particularly chilly with ground frost....

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Ex tropical storms have a nasty habit of breaking up currently established weather patterns and the remains of "Bertha" have proved no exception. As a result a "re-think" has had to be implemented, with a cooler, more unsettled weather type now established over the British Isles.

The turn of the month can sometimes bring a change of fortune, but probably after a fine start, much of the first week of September could be unsettled especially in the north...

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