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Outbreaks of rain for England and Wales today.

Easter 2013

Happy Easter to all readers and viewers.

Low pressure will be across southern England on Easter Sunday. Outbreaks of rain already in the far south and south-east will move erratically north and east with most of England and Wales turning dull and wet by the end of this afternoon. Northern limit on the rain probably North Wales to Lincolnshire. Northern England will stay dry with a lot of cloud while Scotland and Northern Ireland will stay dry with bright or sunny spells. Temperatures picking up a little bit compared to recent days. The rain should ease tonight as it slips to the west. Most places dry by morning, though showers could continue around Irish Sea Coasts. Showers could develop across England and Wales on Bank Holiday Monday, one or two of these may be heavy. Scotland and Northern England staying dry with bright or sunny spells. Potentially very warm with temps up to 20c. Showers heavier and more widespread on Tuesday and Wednesday - A risk of hail and thunder with longer spells of rain for some.

20/4/14. 9:45

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Terry Scholey Apr-May Forecast

We're going to be stuck between a trough in the Atlantic and a ridge over Scandinavia during the coming week. Unlike recent when we've been in a similar situation, the trough actually looks to be the driver of the weather this week.

So we can expect a more unsettled week than we've been used to for some time with showers or longer spells of rain - Especially in the south and west. At least it will be mild...

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Unfortunately by Easter Sunday low pressure has move moved in from the south and east and has parked itself right over the top of England and Wales.

The rainfall forecast shows that it's wet for much of the south with persistent outbreaks of rain, while the temperature forecast shows that it's cold with temps in single figures across much of the south at just 8-11c...

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I have recently run the latest version of my research model but the results are quite similar to what I described a few months ago.

My latest output for the summer months continues to show conditions quite close to normal in June and July, but somewhat warmer than average in August this year. This would be more similar to 2012 than 2013...

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The current thirty day period is expected to be somewhat drier than normal in most places, despite unsettled intervals. It should also be somewhat warmer average in central and southern areas, with temperatures probably closer to normal over Scotland and in the north east.

May 13th to 15th: A change to much cooler, unsettled conditions seem likely, as the fine spell probably breaks down into showers...

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