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Rain in the north. Mixed Bank Holiday weekend

Rain and puddle

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England will have showery outbreaks of rain today. Some of these will be heavy at times. There will also be some drier interludes. Further south there could be a few showers, but most places will stay dry. After a sunny morning it will tend to cloud up this afternoon. Temperatures well below average with a maximum of 19c (66f) in the south, but just 12c for parts of Scotland.

Overnight we'll find cloud and increasingly patchy rain moving down across England and Wales, with clearer skies and one or two showers for Scotland. Friday will have showers across England and Wales in the morning, becoming increasingly confined to the eastern side by afternoon. Drier with sunny spells for Ireland and Scotland. Temps between 12-19c.

More showers seem likely in the east on Saturday, but many places will stay dry with sunny spells. Sunday looks the best of the Bank Holiday Weekend with nearly all places dry with sunny spells, though rain will come into Ireland later and this heralds the change to a dull and wet Bank Holiday Monday for many of us.

Gavin Partridge. 21/8/14. 9:37

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Gavin's Thoughts (16/8/14)

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Terry Scholey Aug-Sep Forecast

The weather is now in a very cool regime - Well, very cool for the time of year - With low pressure to the north and east of Scotland and high pressure out in the Atlantic combining to give us a blow of very cool and at times showery, northerly winds.

Temperatures will be below average throughout the coming week, though with the sun still relatively strong it should at least feel warm at times in the south...

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If these charts are correct we could well be on course for a notably cool spell for the time of year and we may very well end up with the first cooler than average month since November 2013.

As for how cool August itself might be, it's difficult to assess because we have had a reasonably mild start, so it may only be the coolest August since 2010 or 2011...

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Ex tropical storms have a nasty habit of breaking up currently established weather patterns and the remains of "Bertha" have proved no exception. As a result a "re-think" has had to be implemented, with a cooler, more unsettled weather type now established over the British Isles.

The turn of the month can sometimes bring a change of fortune, but probably after a fine start, much of the first week of September could be unsettled especially in the north...

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