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A risk of thundery showers for England and Wales today

rainbow and lightning

England and Wales is under a very warm, humid and unstable air-mass today. Overnight showers and downpours should fizzle out this morning across Wales and the Midlands. After a cloudy, murky start skies should brighten with sunny spells coming through, but this will set off more scattered thundery showers across central and southern parts of England and Wales this afternoon. Scotland and Northern Ireland should be mainly dry, all-be-it with rather a lot of cloud. Temperatures could hit 25c (77f) in the south depending on cloud amounts.

We find a cold front moving south and east on Saturday with a band of rain pushing from down from Scotland into England and Wales, weakening as it does so. Thundery showers could break out ahead of the rain band, while bright skies return to the north. Temperatures still up to 25c in the south, but just 15c for northern Scotland.

Sunday should be a much drier, sunnier day all round, but temperatures will be feeling a lot cooler and fresher in the south with some chilly nights coming back as well. The start of next week looks mainly dry before it perhaps turns unsettled from the north-west later.

Gavin Partridge. 19/9/14. 9:30

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Terry Scholey Aug-Sep Forecast

If your waiting for autumn 2014 to get going, you've got a long time to wait yet, it seems. The coming week will see a continuation of the pattern that we've had so far through September, namely the jet stream hundreds of miles to the north of the country, with high pressure locked in over the UK and north-west Europe.

An area of low pressure around the Azores could threaten some thundery showers towards the end of the week, but at the same time very warm air will be dragged up from Spain, so rather than temperatures dropping back as would normally be expected in a typical September, we'll probably see the hottest temperatures in since July by Thursday and Friday...

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Up to now September 2014 has certainly got off to a very dry and warm start. This high pressure dominated weather looks set to last through the rest of this week, into the weekend and probably even into the start of next week.

We still have indications from the longer range models that we might see a change in the weather to something more unsettled in the second half of the month...

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Ex tropical storms have a nasty habit of breaking up currently established weather patterns and the remains of "Bertha" have proved no exception. As a result a "re-think" has had to be implemented, with a cooler, more unsettled weather type now established over the British Isles.

The turn of the month can sometimes bring a change of fortune, but probably after a fine start, much of the first week of September could be unsettled especially in the north...

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