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Very wet in places today

Rain and puddle

We're starting August on an unsettled note with outbreaks of quite heavy and persistent rain through south-west England, Wales and Northern England. This rain will keep on through much of the day, gradually becoming and more showery this afternoon. Heavy showers with a risk of thunderstorms for Scotland and Northern Ireland, while central and southern/south-eastern England stay's mostly dry, if rather cloudy. It will be a cooler day today with temps between 15-20c, though 24c (75f) is still possible in the far south-east. More spells of persistent and heavy rain will push north through tonight and tomorrow, particularly effecting Wales and Northern England, eventually moving into Scotland through Saturday with heavy showers or even thunderstorms following along behind. Temperatures rather cool, especially in the rain, though the south-east still clinging on to warmer temps of 24c. Sunday should be a better day, still with rain across northern Scotland and a few showers scattered about in places, but much of the country dry with sunny spells and that's how many of us should start next week, too.

1/8/14. 9:33

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Gavin's Thoughts (26/7/14)

Latest Flash (21/7/14)

Terry Scholey August Forecast

The past couple of weeks might end up being the hottest of 2014. The high pressure that's been bringing this hot and mostly fine weather will decline away over the next few day's allowing slightly cooler temperatures and fresher air to move in from the north.

By the end of the period it may well be turning more unsettled as well - Summer 2014 perhaps entering a more changeable phase by next weekend???

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Here is the day ten chart for Wednesday 30th July showing a strong area of high pressure sitting right over the top of the UK at 1025mbrs.

From that position we can project that even out to Friday 1st August high pressure would almost certainly still be influencing the weather conditions across the country, with mainly dry, sunny and hot weather extending out into the new month...

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While beginning and ending unsettled, August will see further summery spells. Some very hot days are possible between the 9th and 24th, but fine weather may be punctuated by 'hit and miss' heavy showers.

Yet another warmer than average month seems likely particularly in the east and south, where mean average temperatures may be more than two or even three degrees Celsius above normal. The final week may see further locally heavy rains, with a trend to much cooler weather towards month end...

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